What happens when a projected $300 billion freight transport market meets the most cutting-edge technology of modern times i.e. Internet of Things (IoT) Analyses of time, distance, and changes in direction and speed, vehicle tracking, optimized route-panning and distribution schedules, monitoring cargo temperatures and driving behaviour analyses-and that’s just a beginning. An improved fuel economy, low carbon emissions, reduced downtime, environment compliance and safety & security these are just some of the benefits of adopting IoT in fleet management.

Add to this a collaborative industry ecosystem which, if works in close harmony with the regulators, would produce unprecedented possibilities.

Digital Transportation 2017 is a one-of-its-kind conference cum exhibition in India that will extend a much-needed B2B2C platform for an open dialogue between government authorities and industry players alike. Whether you are a government civil supply body, a small fleet operator, an FMCG giant or a transportation technology start-up; this is a “place-to-be” for your company.